Bed, Bath and Beyond Unnecessary

I saw this framed piece of ‘art’ at a Bed, Bath and Beyond recently and am still trying to figure out who would spend $25 on it. I could almost begin to understand if there was a picture of some UFC fighter or a drawing of an arena. If you really want to make sure people know you are into UFC you can save yourself the money and write ‘UFC’ on a piece of paper and fun-tack it to your wall, it’ll have the same effect.


 Help me understand.



3 responses to “Bed, Bath and Beyond Unnecessary

  1. I envision a teenage boy buying one and hanging it on the wall outside his bedroom, and putting an arrow underneath it, pointing into said bedroom. Sorry, that’s all I got. I don’t know why he’d be in that store to begin with though. Ok I quit.

    • Exactly! I can’t make up a worthy scenario. Someone might buy it just because they were so excited to see something other than that goofy chef drawing and pictures that look like screen savers.

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