Who am I?

Who is SimonAndRoni?
SimonAndRoni is a name I came up with when I began making earrings a couple of years ago. This has become the moniker I assume while pursuing all creative endeavors. Simon is the name of my awesome cat, who shows me how hilarious life is on a daily basis. Roni comes from the classic R&B term of endearment, ‘Tenderoni’ (points to anyone who can mention a song in which this word appears). It has been my nickname since I was a teenager. This is thanks to countless sleepless nights sitting in the park with a friend listening to the long defunct, but still loved, radio station, 95.7 Jammin’ Gold. Put ’em together and you get me, Lisa Lisa!

Who is Lisa Lisa?
I’m currently unemployed, so in my free time I write, drink, crochet, make earrings, eat pizza, try to cook and be healthy, drink, listen to music, play with my nephew, find fun on the cheap, sleep, cuddle with my cat, watch TV, read, dye my hair, and drink. (I may not really drink that much). Oh! And I hate Old Navy commercials.


Lisa Lisa


20 responses to “Who am I?

    • I don’t like any of them. But as I was writing this the new Old Navy commercial came on with the guy singing to his girl about the dress she wearing. Awful.
      I live in Manhattan. My favorite place when it’s sunny, the bane of my existance when it’s gloomy and cold.

  1. Silly me…I knew there was something oddly familiar about your name. I’ve stopped by here before. I know, because I remember the “I do this and drink. I do that and drink…” Hilarious, and so true for me. Okay, I admit it my cocktail hour sometimes starts before ten on a bad morning. What the hell…you only got one life, right? Suck it up, sister!

  2. Okay first, something is going on with your comments box and it’s taking me forever to write anything. Ever since they changed shit here recently I’ve been having difficulty on some blogs. You need to pitch a a bitch. Why do people feel the need to improve on shit that ain’t broke? My daddy always said if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Now look at the mess they created.
    Oh yeah, I just wanted to let you know I’m putting you on my blog roll. You’re too damn funny not to read. I know…I know…it’s takes me forever to get around to doing shit. Bogged down, lazy, or drunk. Or bogged down with laziness cause I’m drunk. Ha..ha.. Oh, well…it’s getting done now.

    • I’m sorry you’re having trouble! I know how you feel though. I worked for a blog that decided to change their format and we lost about half the world in viewership… There was nothing wrong with the previous format. I’ll tend to this matter now since I’m currently laying in bed writhing in pain (see my just published blog post for the reason why).

      Thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll! I take that as a higher honor than being freshly pressed!
      Cheers to you!

      • I think we all need to protest. DOWN WITH THE MAN! Oh sorry, it ain’t the sixties anymore, is it?
        Freshly Pressed? Little ol me? I’m blushing! Eh…it’s over-rated. Wanna know why? Cause I’ll never be on it. Wanna know why? CAUSE I GOT A FILTHY MOUTH, A BAD DISPOSITION, AND I HAVE A TENDENCY TO THROW SHIT AGAINST THE WALLS TO SEE WHAT STICKS! I’ll get over it.

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